In 1999 we started working on applications including direct-drive wind generators. Our team of highly experienced engineers prioritized designing a generator that should have ease of manufacture. In order to get maximum performance an outer rotor design was chosen. The design of the generator achieves a drastically simplified structure in order to facilitate faultless manufacturing and increased reliability.
This modular design eliminates the need for high investment for the manufacturing process. 
The generator coils are protected against dust and salty air resulting in a reliable machine suitable for sites both onshore and in shallow water.  Excess generator heat generator liquid cooling for the generator is used in order to maximize utilization of space. The generator excitation by NdFeB permanent magnets and the calculation of main parameter for performance have been designed by special software. Thanks to the extensive experience with such type of magnets in use, there is no limitation of lifetime to be expected. Only high quality magnets manufactured in accordance with the specifications of the application. An automatic grease lubrication of the main bearing is installed.
We offer our customers additionally a custom designed factory test-unit to enable quality testing of own built generators.

DESIGN Highlights of generator

The objective of this design is an improved permanent magnet generator. The appropriated architecture clearly benefits the system and contains advantages compared to present wind-turbine technology is as follows:
- Robust coil insulation system.
- Very low level of short circuit torque.
- Reduction of generator size and weight.
- No compromise in efficiency of power production.
- Wind-turbine operation starts producing power at very low wind speeds.
- Reduced cost of generator manufacturing as a result of our modular stator design.

The technology transfer includes all documents needed for the process of fabrication, and a system definition for a full power test in the factory.