The wind-energy-converter is characterized by the simplicity of components resulting in significant reduction of parts and cost. The inclusion of improved technologies developed by our experienced in house team of engineers in and our innovative drive train concept has been the road to success. Our design includes a tower with door and a tower-head which also has design features resulting in cost reductions and increase of energy output. The structure is defined by a ring generator directly connected to a 3 bladed rotor. According to the knowledge of today's technology, this wind-turbine offers reliable technology and high efficiency. This is the hared won result of many years of R&D bringing about our improved wind-turbine family.
The achievement is the result of advanced design and wind-power experience since 1997. The features of the design are the pinnacle of the current status
of generator and of electronic technology, that’s why higher profit can be expected in comparison to other makers machines. One highlight is the modular design of important components in order to enable easy manufacturing and handling as well as lowest costs of maintenance and service.
Our company holds the complete intellectual property of the design of mechanical and electronic parts, as well as for the generator and inverter system, with the exception of the rotor-blades.

The SETEC team shows the easiest way to your success.
The next steps of improvement will allow further increases of power. Moreover the design can easily be modified for offshore application.Wind energy plants reduce the environmental pollution generated by nuclear and fossil power production. Companies that want to build state of the art  wind-power plants, are getting a very competitive market position through our transfer of technology. [more]